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You will never know until you ask. I’ve learned that you cannot connect unless you share what is going on in your head.  I often lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep but cannot stop thinking. Do you ever wish you could just turn your mind off? What would that even mean?

I think I over-think everything. Any uncomfortable situation sits in my mind and I spend hours trying to rationalize it.  What happened? Why? I make up my own reasons.

Throughout your life, people come and go.  Think about it…how many of us will actually keep talking to each other when a class is over and communicating with each other is no longer an assignment? I have so many phone numbers in my phone from group members from previous class projects and I’m likely to never contact those people again. Why is that?

I am trying to learn how we are to connect with each other.  In any relationship I have ever had that just seems to end without reasonable explanation, I always ask myself what happened? What changed? Why are things now different? 

What I’ve learned is that if I had only asked the “Other” those questions, I would know the answer rather than spending hours coming up with possible explanations in my head. Will sharing provide closure to the relationship or will it spark a continuation?

You will never know until you ask. We need to share our thoughts with each other so that we can all learn to understand.